Chester Step Test Software CST2

CST2 is the latest version of the Chester Step Test software. CST2 is a fast and accurate submaximal aerobic fitness test. 

We’ve refined the original Chester Step Test to add specific editions. CST2 tests improve reliability and validity over the standard CST. The latest version works on desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

The test is used in occupational, clinical, community health and fitness sectors.

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Here's How Chester Step Test Software CST2 Works

It’s a simple software that makes things easy.

Benefits Of The New CST2 Web App

chester step test software cst2

CST2 Comes In 6 Different Editions


For those that require general population normative data. Perfect for Personal trainer, and other wellness professionals

Long Covid

For NHS and Private Clinics looking to monitor the effects of long Covid and efficacy of the intervention programs

Fire & Rescue Service

For fitness advisors and occupational health, uses Firefit traffic lights normative data and choice of two step heights 25 and 30cm

Commercial Diver

Designed for AMEDs and follows HSE guidelines and recommendations

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Takes into account cardiovascular medication use. Uses Inbar equation for max heart rate calculation. Follows BACPR guidelines

Home Testing

Perform the test from the comfort of your own home using the bottom step of a flight of stairs

Improve The Accuracy Of Results Using CST2 Software

“I utilised the original CST for many years in the Fire and Rescue Service to assess the Vo2 level of thousands of firefighters with great success. CST 2 has all the advantages of the original test but with far more accurate and importantly, consistent results. State of the art software takes the guesswork out of result interpretation. Heart rates taken every minute has improved accuracy and consistency. TANAKA formula for over 40s has addressed any age biases.”

Tom Ashworth, Vice Chair. FireFit Steering Group

Accurate analysis of aerobic capacity to prescribe exercise intensity.

“As a specialist Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapist I have been using the Chester Step Test to assess the patients I see in Cardiac Rehab before they commence the course and then again at the end when they complete. I have found it to be easy to administer, and it gives an accurate analysis of their aerobic capacity to then prescribe their exercise intensity. It is also useful to see how their perception of exertion correlates with their heart rate, which again allows the opportunity to give further explanation and advice to the patients for when they are exercising. I have found it to be a sensitive measure for assessing their improvement in fitness at the end of the course, which is encouraging for the patient and allows us to demonstrate the outcomes we are achieving. The new version which incorporates calculations allowing for cardiac medications and age adjustment in the predicted HRmax values is an added bonus to the software.”

Anna Elvin, Specialist Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapist, Noble’s Hospital, Isle of Man

Get more reliable and valid results with CST2